April 24

Day 1
Welcome words
Opening Keynote - Go Developer Network: Better Together
  • Van Riper Google

Field Report: Building a game engine for 300 defcon hackers to smash
  • Alex Stockwell

  • Kevin Tyers

Error handling and Pitfalls in Distributed Go Applications
  • Raphael 'kena' Poss CockroachDB

Work with the language, not against it: Case studies in concurrency design
  • Tess Rinearson Tendermint

Why you shouldn't write your own memory management in Go
  • Mauro Stettler Grafana

  • Dieter Plaetinck Grafana

Practical fuzzing in Go
  • Roberto Clapis Google

Going Driverless at Einride: How We Developed a CAN Library for Go
  • Oscar Söderlund Einride

Gopls for Go Tooling
  • Bruce Bigirwenkya Andela

A journey to Postgres Productivity with Go
  • Johan Brandhorst

Socket to Me: Where do Sockets Live in Go?
  • Gabbi Fisher Cloudflare

Learning Go Pointers Through C
  • Kaylyn Gibilterra Capital One

Coffee break
Pie to Go: Automatically Translating Python Source to Idiomatic Go Code
  • André Eriksson Spotify

Using Interfaces in Go
  • Bubunyo Nyavor

Closing keynote: Come for the Language. Stay for the People
  • Nathan Davies

April 25

Day 2
Welcome words
Opening Keynote: A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer to Technical Decision-Making
  • Charity Majors

Digging through the Go Repository
  • Alexey Palazhchenko Percona

How to Structure Your Microservices
  • Kat Zień Monzo

A Tale of Breadth-First Search
  • Egon Elbre

Invalidating a JWT at Will in a Go Application
  • Victor Steven EasyTicket

Controlling Distributed Energy Resources with Edge Computing and Go
  • Sau Sheong Chang SP Digital

Life of a WireGuard-Go Packet
  • David Crawshaw Tailscale

Go Without Generics, a Retrospective
  • Robert Burke

schedgroup: a Timer-Based Goroutine Concurrency Primitive
  • Matt Layher Fastly

Why the Prometheus Instrumentation Library is Flawed and What to Do About It
  • Björn Rabenstein Grafana

Better APIs with Shareable Validation Logic
  • Marcel van Lohuizen Google

Coffee break
Writing open source tooling using AST
  • Kofo Okesola Brankas

Why it takes a team of engineers just to process events in realtime
  • Alan Braithwaite Segment

Closing Keynote