Charity Majors


Charity is the co-founder and CTO of honeycomb.io, which brings modern observability tooling to engineers in the era of distributed systems. Charity is the co-author of Database Reliability Engineering (O'Reilly), and is devoted to creating a world where every engineer is on call and nobody thinks on call sucks.

Raphael 'kena' Poss


Graduated with a PhD in computer architecture. I work with compilers and, lately, databases. I am also a major contributor to CockroachDB, one of the largest Go codebases. I like to scrutinise the choices made by the implementers of the Go compiler.

Johan Brandhorst

Johan grew up and studied in Sweden but has worked in United Kingdom as a programmer since 2012 at both multi-national companies and small startups. He’s the maintainer of many big open source projects, such as the grpc-gateway and grpc-web. Having started with C/C++, he now spends his time working almost exclusively with Go, presenting at conferences around the world on topics as diverse as WebAssembly and writing REST services with gRPC.

Björn Rabenstein


Björn is an engineer at Grafana, mostly working on Prometheus. Previously, he was a Production Engineer at SoundCloud, a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, and a number cruncher for science.

Nathan Davies

Father of two, husband of one. I love being with my family and exploring the great outdoors with them. I love hiking and mountain biking, and this is where I’m always planning to get to, always trying to find ways to get back out to the mountains. I’ve been in software development since we shipped software on CDs and our apps were locally installed. I’ve been using Go since 2013 deploying to public and private cloud. I’m passionate about the language and, as co-organiser of my local meetup, the community around it.

Matt Layher


Matt Layher is a Distributed Systems Engineer at Fastly, and a regular contributor to a wide variety of open source networking applications and libraries written in Go.

Roberto Clapis


Roberto is a Security Engineer at Google. He loves to write, hack, customize, patch and tailor any software that allows him to do so. Roberto has been writing go since 2015 for both structured, complex projects and scripts.

Mauro Stettler


Professional Go attempter and keyboard torturer

Van Riper


Van Riper is a serial community organiser, Silicon Valley Geek, and Yoga enthusiast. He spent 30 years as a developer in Silicon Valley. In 2010, he joined Google Developer Relations to lead the Google Developer Groups program during the early formative years. In 2015, he moved to Google People Development to run mindfulness-based community programs for employee well-being. At the end of 2018, he started a new role working with the Go developer community as a member of the Google Open Source Programs Office.

Alex Stockwell

Alex Stockwell is a Sr. Security Engineer at a large healthcare organization, and the head of development for iCTF. Throughout his 15-year career, he has worked in management consulting, client services, and healthcare, focusing on software engineering, cybersecurity, IAM, and application development in Go, Ruby, and (rumor has it) even PHP. Alex has served as an adjunct professor at Arizona State University, and spoken at a variety of industry conferences such as CactusCon and SANS Hackfest. Beyond his professional pursuits, Alex loves to spend time with his family, read both fiction and non, and roll jiu-jitsu.

Kevin Tyers

Kevin Tyers is the head of threat intelligence for a Fortune 250 company, the head of infrastructure for iCTF, and a SANS instructor. Throughout his 15-year career, he has worked in the government, telecom, health care, and financial industries focusing on network engineering/security, incident response, and tooling in Python and Go. Kevin is the cofounder of the Information Security group DC480 in Phoenix Arizona. He has spoken at a variety of public and invite-only conferences such as BSidesLV, CactusCon, and SANS Hackfest. Beyond his professional pursuits, Kevin loves to spend time with his family, make mechanical keyboards, and study history.

Tess Rinearson


Tess Rinearson works on Tendermint, a proof-of-stake consensus engine which powers a variety of blockchain projects, including the Cosmos Network. She’s worked in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since early 2015, focusing largely on storage and protocol problems for permissioned blockchains (and writing a popular bitcoin explainer—using emoji—along the way). Before falling into the blockchain hole, she was a full stack engineer at Medium.

Dieter Plaetinck


Dieter Plaetinck first experimented with Go in 2013 has been using it full-time since then. He works on data analytics systems and was the first engineer to join Grafana Labs after its founding. He’s been working on open source monitoring systems ever since. Besides computers, he enjoys slow travel, mountain biking and playing drums.

Oscar Söderlund


Oscar Söderlund is a former Java programmer who left a cushy job at Spotify to join a start-up with crazy ideas around driverless trucks. He likes to unwind from work with reality TV shows and the latest brews from Gothenburg’s craft beer scene.

Bruce Bigirwenkya


Bruce Bigirwenkya, a software engineer with 4 years of experience building web applications. He currently works with InVision using Golang to build integrations for platforms like JIRA, Confluence and Slack as well as maintaining wake.com. He is also passionate about giving talks in the community and authors articles about various technical problems.

Gabbi Fisher


Gabbi is a Systems Engineer at Cloudflare, where she works at the intersection of practical systems implementation and security/cryptography research. Most recently, her projects have brought her to the wonderful world of serverless functions! She is excited about powering ambitious projects with serverless functions, and using them to eliminate single points of failure. She offsets spending so much time in front of a computer by going on long-distance hiking trips (most recently, the Washington section of the Pacific Crest Trail!).

Kaylyn Gibilterra

Capital One

Kaylyn Gibilterra is a tech lead for modernizing core banking systems in Go at Capital One, where she trains teams on Go best practices and distributed systems. She has been programming Go since 2014 and has been introducing developers to the language through talks and trainings ever since. She is a Recurse Center alum and is working on her masters in Computer Systems from Georgia Tech.

André Eriksson


I’m a Staff Software Engineer @ Spotify and have been writing Go since 1.0. On the side I’m working on a new approach to Serverless through a Backend-as-a-Service platform for Go called Encore.

Bubunyo Nyavor

I'm Bubu, a software developer from Ghana, Tech/Business Lead at AF Radio and Administrator at DevCongress, the largest developer community in Ghana.

Alexey Palazhchenko


Tech lead at Percona. GolangShow and FromCodeToProd podcasts co-host. GopherCon Russia and Golang Moscow organizer and speaker.

Kat Zień


Kat works at Monzo as a backend engineer and tech lead on the financial crime team. Her main interests include automating #allthethings, sorting out legacy code and making things simpler and faster. She was co-organising PHP South West and is currently co-organising London Gophers. Kat loves travelling and keeping active, appreciates good coffee and is a big Lego fan. She cycles across Europe with TechBikers to raise money for Room To Read.

Egon Elbre

Egon Elbre is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience. He started playing with Go just after the first public announcement and has hung around since then. He loves finding new ways of looking at code such that it would be easier to maintain, understand and, most of all, ensure that it delivers value. He strongly believes that there are explanations that help people learn and be productive faster. When he’s not neck deep in code he’s either drawing or playing the piano.

Steven Victor


Steven is a Software Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria, for the last 6 years. He currently works with Go, Javascript and PHP.

Sau Sheong Chang

SP Digital

Sau Sheong has been doing software development for 25 years, mostly in web application development for various industries including telcos, fintech, gaming, government and also energy/utility. He is active in the Ruby and Go developer communities have have contributed to open source projects and spoke at meetups and conferences. Sau Sheong has also published 4 programming-related books, on Ruby and Go, his latest being Go Web Programming published by Manning. He currently run SP Digital, an energytech company (part of Singapore Power, a power utility company), based out of sunny Singapore and has in his career worked for PayPal, HP, Yahoo, and also ran a technology startup during the dot-com days.

David Crawshaw


Co-founder of Tailscale. Previously worked on the Go team at Google.

Robert Burke

Robert has avidly played with Go for fun since 2009, and lately gets to do it for work, which he finds terribly exciting. When he isn’t deferring some cleanup, or spinning up goroutines, he’s been seen running half marathons, playing D&D, office a Capella, and lately a bit of indoor rock climbing. He’s yet to conceive of an elegant way to combine all his interests at once, but he’ll get there. he/him

Marcel van Lohuizen


Marcel van Lohuizen is part of the Go team at Google, where he has worked on things like testing, error handling and the x/text repository. He currently is focussed on the development of CUE, a constraint-based, aspect-oriented data language. Before working on the Go team, he worked on search and Borg (Google’s large-scale cluster manager), among other things.

Kofo Okesola


Kofo is a systems developer at Brankas working on the backend and infrastructure team. Kofo has been a developer for over 8 years working on various aspects of software development focused around DevOps and the backend services. Kofo also maintains his blog stackedco.de where he writes about web development. If he’s not writing code or tweeting, you can find him trying a new recipe in his kitchen.

Alan Braithwaite


Alan Braithwaite is a Systems Engineer who cares deeply about building reliable, scalable systems. During his tenure at Cloudflare he helped bring the data pipeline to 8 million events per second using Go. Now at Segment, he’s helping scale the microservices based platform using the power gained from the plush gopher which sits on his desk.